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T.I.C.K.S. Rules For Safe Babywearing

A simple T.I.C.K.S. rule helps you position your baby safely in your soft MomBaby Bond sling

  1. TIGHT

Tight: The sling should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. Your baby should be positioned high and upright with head support. Any loose fabric might cause your baby to slump down, which could restrict his breathing.

In view at all times: You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down. Ensure your baby’s face, nose and mouth remain uncovered by the sling and/or your body.

Close enough to kiss: Your baby should be close enough to your chin that by tipping your head forward you can easily kiss his forehead or the top of his head.

Keep chin off the chest: Ensure your baby’s chin is up and away from his body. Your baby should never be curled so that his chin is forced onto his chest. This can restrict breathing. Regularly check your baby. To keep him safe, make sure you can put at least two fingers between his chin and his chest. Babies can be in distress without making any noise or movement.

Supported back: Your baby’s back should be supported in a natural position with his tummy and chest against you. When bending over, support your baby with one hand behind his back. Bend at the knees, not at the waist.

First six months of life of your baby

Doctors are specifically interested in products used during the first six months of life of your baby. The choice of the products and devices that may affect hip positioning or hip motor development are crucial and can have long term effect on your child.

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, babywearing is becoming increasingly popular along with the growing interest in attachment parenting. Since we love to spend most of the time wearing our babies in wrap slings, proper infant hip positioning is extremely important. When proper hip position is maintained while babywearing, there may be substantial benefit for natural hip development. MomBaby Bond high quality slings provide a Knee-To-Knee support for your baby, also known as the M-Position since the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks. It is important to support the legs taking the pressure off of the hips.

As shown in the above picture, thighs spread around the mother’s torso and the hips bent so the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks with the thighs supported.

A high quality wrap sling like MomBaby Bond sling offers a thigh support to the knee joint. The forces on the hip joint become minimal because the legs are spread-out and supported correctly, and the hip is in a more stable position. This is an ideal leg position which places the femur head right in the middle of the hip socket, and aids the optimal development of baby’s hips. This practice may lower the risk of hip dysplasia.

Tips to build a great relationship with your child

The secret recipe is to put your love into action! Most of the time we overwhelm our children with love words but unfortunately we do not spare enough quality time with them.

Building a great relationship with your child starts at the very early stage of his life.

Although being close to another person takes lots of energy and time, a good quality wrap sling like MomBaby Bond sling will help you strengthen your bonding with your baby and build a great relationship with your child in an effortless manner. You will not really need to spend lots of energy to create this precious connection.

In his comfy sling, your baby will spend most of his time with you wherever you go and closely observe your actions. Your hands are always free and your baby is not crying, what a combination! Everyone is happy!

  • Connecting with your baby right from the beginning build a close relationship with your new baby born
  • Remember that love between parents and children is biologically programmed to become automatic, try not to blow it by being unavailable when your child needs you
  • As hard as it is with the pressures of daily life, you should be able to prioritize time with your child. Spending quality as well as quantity time with your baby is a key for your successful relationship
  • From day one, you should constantly encourage your baby and teach him to trust you and trust himself. Your child needs your encouragement to see himself as good person who is capable of doing good things
  • Always treat your child respectfully. Thus, he will learn to treat others with respect and expects to be treated respectfully himself
  • Babywearing has the most effect on mom and baby bonding. It naturally increases your daily interactions with your child. You do not have to make efforts to interact with your baby once you babywearing him. You will be wearing your child skin-to-skin, your smell is the most familiar scent to him, he is so close to you so he feels safe hearing your heartbeats. He can communicate with you without crying and you become more familiar with his gestures as well as his facial expressions  

Remember that your baby is your mini you. Treat him the same way you wanted to be treated!