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Safely position a baby in a wrap sling or a carrier How to Safely Position a Baby in Sling Carrier

According to Health of Canada:

Babies born prematurely or with a medical condition are at higher risk of suffocation. Talk to the baby's doctor before using a sling or carrier.

How to Safely Position a Baby in a Sling or Carrier?

  1. Remember to keep your baby visible and kissable at all times
  2. Keep the baby's face in view
  3. Keep the baby in an upright position
  4. Make sure the baby's face is not pressed into the fabric of the carrier or sling, your body, or clothing
  5. Make sure the baby's chin is not pressed into his chest
  6. Make sure the baby's legs are not bunched up against his stomach, as this can also restrict breathing
  7. Wear the baby snug enough to support his back and hold onto the baby when bending over so he doesn't fall out of the carrier or sling
  8. Check your baby often
  9. When wearing a carrier or sling, do not zip up your coat around the baby because it increases the risk of overheating and suffocation
  10. Do not use a carrier or sling during activities that could lead to injury such as cooking, running, cycling, or drinking hot beverages
  11. Check for ripped seams and other signs of wear that may make the product unsafe before each use
  12. Take caution when bending over. Hold onto the baby with one hand and bend at the knees to prevent the baby from falling out of the sling or carrier

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