Do You Know?

  • A close attachment can prevent diseases, boost immunity and enhance IQ in your baby
  • While in womb, babies begin learning language from their moms, and they learn to recognize different words that will be remembered even after birth
  • Fetuses respond to their mom's touch
  • While in womb, babies display movements as a way of communication
  • When the mom's heart is injured, stem cells from the fetus migrate to the injured site and repair the damage
  • Male babies leave traces of their DNA on their mom's brain, protecting moms from Alzheimer's disease
  • While in womb, antibodies travel from the mom to her baby through the placenta and breastfeeding to boost the baby's immune system before and after birth
  • Breast milk is customized according to the sex of the baby. Moms produce different biological recipes for sons and daughters 

Wrap Sling  Babywearing Strengthen Mom and Baby Bonding. Happy Baby. Carry Baby With Less Crying.

Wrap Sling Babywearing Strengthen Mom and Baby Bonding. Happy Baby. Carry Baby With Less Crying.

Ways To Strengthen Your Bonding

  • Hold your baby right after birth
  • Choosing a quality wrap sling will help you cherishing the bonding moments
  • Mom's smell is very familiar to newborns. Your baby will feel safe when he is nestling tightly to your chest. Your baby will love to sleep on the tick-tack sound of your heartbeat reminding him of the secured nine months spent inside your womb
  • Be responsive. Pick up your baby whenever he cries.
  • Skin-to-skin contact, snuggling and eye contact are the secret recipe
  • Talk to your mini, kiss and nuzzle your baby
  • Get in face to face time with eye contact, you will love this when your baby turns 2 months
  • Get on the floor, lie beside your baby, talk, kiss, sing
  • Give a gentle massage

Bonding When You Work

Studies show that moms who work outside the house build relationships with their children that are just as solid as those of stay-at-home moms. Making the most of the hours you spend with your babies.
When you come home, make your baby your priority, cuddle with your mini, keep him next to you and constantly talk to your mini.

Carry Your Baby Often

A Columbia University study found that after a year, 83 percent of infants whose moms wore them in front carriers were strongly attached to their moms, compared with 38 percent of infants who were placed in baby seats.